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Engineer Alia Al Sayegh chairs the Green Buildings Technical Team of the National Committee of Building Codes of Kuwait
Engineer Alia Al Sayegh Chairs the Standing Committee an Engineering and the Environment of the Kuwait Delegation in Buenos Aires, Argentina WFEO Congress
First Solar Governmental Project in Kuwait : EPWD & BOT Building

ASEC won the competition for the Study, Design and Supervision of the First Solar Governmental Project in Kuwait : Expropriation For Public Welfare (EPWD) & BOT Building - South Surra Area.

The Agreement was signed on 6th May 2010. Good Luck ASEC.


Environment Public Authority

The General Manager of The Environment Public Authority, Dr.Salah Al-Mudhi, thanked and appreciated the efforts of ASEC in the field of Green Building Industry.
The speech of Dr. Al-Mudhi “The Role of EPA in Supporting Local Engineering and Consultancy Offices in the field of Green Buildings” was taking place in the Arab Congress For Consultancy Houses in Kuwait, April 2010, organized by the Union of Kuwaiti Engineering Offices and Consultancy Houses.


Shaikha Fareeha Al-Ahmad and Ms.Aisha Al-Reshaid award Eng. Alia Al-Sayegh  on the Woman International Day

ASEC Participates in the 13th Housing Exhibition, 13-16 December 2009 in Al-Raya Ballroom - Court Yard Marriott.

ASEC Participated in the 13th Housing Exhibition in Arrayah Ballroom 21-25 December,2009. The opening was attended by his highness sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the Minister of Electricity and Water Dr.Bader Al-Shrean.

The participation of ASEC this year was demonstrating an open invitation to increase the Green Building Club in Kuwait “Join us,,, Build Green”.
ASEC took the opportunity of this 5-days-event to distribute 500 bushes for the visitors to help developping “Greener Kuwait”.


Kuwait Society of Engineers assigns Eng. Alia AL-Sayegh as the Team Leader of Public Relations Committee for the Alternative Energy Applications Congress 2nd – 6th November 2009 in Al-Raya Ballroom – Court Yard Marriott.

Kuwait Society of Engineers is proud to announce that it is holding the international Engineering Congress (EC) on the occasion of the WFEO General Assembly meetings in Kuwait, from the 2nd to 6th of November 2009. The EC 2009 Kuwait will address Alternative Energy Resources, a subject that touches the life of every human being on Earth.

The Congress shall be managed and run by several committees of Kuwaiti Volunteer Engineers. Eng. ALia Al-Sayegh has been assigned as the team leader for the Public Relations Committee. Core Members of the committee shall be : Eng. Mai Al-Masaad, Eng. Hasan Qasem, Eng. Qutaiba Abul, Eng. Ahmed Al-Ateyyah and Eng. Shaikha Al-Sayegh.

ASEC signs “Engineering Cooperation Agreement” with Al-Jazera Consultants, represented by Eng. Ahmed Al-Jihayem.
ASEC Participates in In & Out Design Expo in Kuwait Society of Engineers, 20-25 December, 2008.

In & Out Expo was held by Kuwait Architects league in Cooperation with Admire 4C Group in the Exhibition Hall at Kuwait Society of Engineers.

The opening of the event was by his highness the Minister of Public Works and Municipality of Kuwait, Dr. Fadhel Safar.

The exhibition gathered a large number of specialized companies & designers in the field of interior design, landscape design all state of art available technologies and potentials in the local & regional markets.

ASEC participation in the event caught the eyes of all visitors and achieved remarkable success at all levels.

Nano - Technology Improves the Indoor Environmental Quality of the Building.

That was the title of ASEC's lecture presented in the main Lecture Hall of Kuwait Society of Engineers by Eng. Alia Al-Sayegh.

The subject of the presented lecture was of great interest to all different attendees either professional or non-professionals Environmental Quality is one of the main criteria of evaluation of now a day's Environmental Friendly Buildings "Green Buildings"

Nano-Technology improved the specifications of great building materials such as Paints providing superior health quality and durable protection against mould and fungus.

Researches proved that the savings and returns of green buildings by the impact of using approved green materials can reach 10 times more than savings from using alternative Energy Resources.

Minister of Information and the privileged politician Ms. Aisha Al-Reshaid award ASEC for the winning of First Prize in Global Village-Dubai,2008.
Kuwait Pavilion in The Global Village of Dubai won the first prize place by the voting of 4 million visitors. This remarkable winning and success was a result of sincere efforts and cooperation from the organizers (Shorook Center for conferences and Exhibitions, managed and directed by Ms. Aisha  Al-Reshaid "the princess")  and the designers of the event (ALIA ALSAYEGH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS-ASEC).

The celebration of the event took place at the ballroom of Holiday-Inn Down Town Hotel on 26-August,2008.
ASEC signs a Memorandum of Understanding for the Design and Development Projects of Oman Sector with Kuwait Prospects Real Estates
ASEC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the design and development projects of Oman with Kuwait Prospects Real Estates (KP), represented by the general manager of the company, Eng. Khaled Hadi. ASEC and KP announced the first born development project, Al-Seeb Pearl. This project consists of designing and developing residential complex and villas in Muscat , in Al-Seeb Governorate, Al-Sheradi Block located 15 minutes from Muscat Airport and only 5 minutes from the beautiful beach of Muscat. The projects consists of residential units, infrastructure design, internal roads and walkways and landscape design
ASEC attends Green Dubai World Forum, 24-25 October,2008.

Green Dubai World Forum 2008, is held in commemoration of the anniversary of the historic declaration on Green Dubai 2008, made on 24th October 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE & Ruler of Dubai. This historic declaration has enabled Dubai to take Global Leadership in sustainable development in light of global climate change crisis threatening Mankind.

Participation at the Annual Meeting is by invitation only. ASEC was honored to receive invitations of the event and participated with more than 1000 participants gathered for the two-day event and attended sessions in the official programme. The discussions focused around key issues of global concern regarding sustainability and environmental problems and possible solutions. About 100 journalists from online, print, radio and TV took part in the Annual Meeting.
ASEC expresses great thanks and gratitude to Security Systems Company (Eng. Haitham Al-Ghunaim) for this great opportunity.

ASEC visits the Pacific Controls Headquarter Building.
Hosted and organized by Security Systems Company (Eng. Haitham Al-Ghunaim), ASEC (represented by Eng. Alia Al-Sayegh and Arch. Maryann Alexieva) with a group of concerned professionals, visited the Pacific Controls Headquarter Building. This  1st platinum rated green building certified by USGBC LEEDS program is considered to be an icon of sustainability in the Middle Eeast

This orientation visit visualized the understanding of the perfect integration of the smart design and implementation of that unique project in the Middle East Region.
Attended the visit : Dr. Khaled Al-Reshaid (Kuwait University). Eng. Haitham Al-Ghunaim (Security Systems Company), Eng. Jassem Al-Bannai (Al-Bannai Center for Engineering Consultancies), Eng. Mohammad Budai, ASEC,  and other professionals.
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