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Green Buildings

When ASEC was the first Kuwaiti Engineering Consultancy who registered with US Green Building Council-LEEDS (USGBC) and with The Middle East Centre for Sustainable Development, it was not anxiety for NOVELTY! It was out of deep BELIEF.
We ,in ASEC, believe that it  is our mission to think about the "big picture". Our environment, our globe and even our neighborhood mean a lot to us and to our future generations.
We acknowledge that it is a big challenge to develop locally this approach. But we are ready to educate our clients and to orient their vision to share this belief with us and with the world.

Sustainable Development
The goal of environmental sustainability is to minimize environmental degradation, and to halt and reverse the processes they lead to. This involves meeting the present needs of humans without endangering the welfare of future generations.

Green Building
Green living is an attempt to carry out our lives in an eco-friendly, environmentally responsible manner, an attempt to minimize the size of our ecological footprint. Green living concerns itself with a range of topics and practices including conservation of resources, recycling, sustainability, green construction, alternative energy, organic food choices, and other environmental topics.
Green building, a subset of green living, is the practice of using eco-friendly building materials and designing homes and offices to be more energy efficient.
A green building is designed to conserve resources and reduce negative impacts on the environment - whether it is energy, water, building materials or land. Compared to conventional construction, green buildings may use one or more renewable energy systems for heating and cooling, such as solar electric, solar hot water, geothermal, bio mass, or any combination of these.  

We invite you to share this dream with us. Together, we can make dreams come true.


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